Using a Lawn Aerators Reduce Stress on Compacted Soil and Lawn Thatch

Posted on 20th September 2010 in Core Aerators, dethatching

If you have tired looking grass or patchy spots, this could be the result of compacted soil or having a thatch build up in your lawn. Thatch build up chokes out sunlight and new grass development. But is also block air , nutrients and water from reach the soil, and it stunts new grass growth and it also provides s safe comfortable home for lawn pests and lawn disease. To eliminate this build up, it is best to use a dethatcher or and dethatching rake.

Another way to help reduce thatch is by aerating often. Aerating allow air into the thatch layer which will help to break it down faster. In addition, aerating also reduces soil compaction. Reducing soil compaction also reduces soil stress and encourages root development. Without root development grass will start to atrophy and disappear.

The great news is that it doesn’t cost much to rent a lawn aerator or a lawn dethatcher. In most States lawn aerators cost $40 to $100 per day to rent and lawn dethatcher only cost $30 to $80 to rent. Although we recommend that you aerate your lawn once per year for the first three years and then only once every three years, lawn thatching only needs to be done on an as need basis. In most cases this is only once every 3- 5 years. You may need to de thatch your lawn more often if the following conditions exist:

  1. Your lawn is shady and it growth moss very quickly. (Best to use iron as moss killer in the Fall.)

  2. Your lawn gets full of bad grasses which you are trying to eliminate over time with thatching.

  3. You are getting rid of patchy areas caused by lawn insects, dog urine or lawn disease.

Best luck aerating and or use dethatching rakes on your lawn.

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