Easy Orchid Care

Posted on 15th November 2010 in Flowers

At last orchids are gaining the mainstream popularity they richly deserve. For so long caring for orchids was seen as some great mystery that only the most experienced growers could master. But with the development of better varieties and an increased knowledge of the plants, it is now possible for anyone to grow orchids.

The rise in popularity of orchid plants comes as no surprise really, they are a truly spectacular plant. They can be grown in a wide range of conditions both as indoor pot-plants and, if your climate is suitable, as specimens in the garden. The majority of us will probably have them as prized pot-plants as this is often the best way to get the most enjoyment from them.

A lack of knowledge and understanding of the orchid plant has lead to them being labelled as somehow difficult to grow, but this need not be the case. They are a huge genus of plants and there are tens of thousands of varieties to choose from. This has in fact contributed to the problem. People tend to try and treat them as just another pot-plant. Because they are so varied, both in the orchid types and the conditions they enjoy, this means you need a basic understanding of the orchid variety you have purchased. With just a few details about the named orchid you have, you can easily put together a simple care plan, covering a few main conditions to aim to provide such as light, water and fertilizer.

To be successful with growing orchids you just need a little extra attention to detail. So much about the care of orchids is specific to the variety you choose that a blanket care approach will not be appropriate. Look up some basic information about your orchid, see how much sunlight is recommended, how much fertilizer it can tolerate and how often you should water it. Keep it as simple as possible and stick to the basics to get maximum results.

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