Shaded Deck Canopies and More

Posted on 12th January 2011 in Home & Garden

Outdoor living requires an entirely different set of accessories and philosophy, for that matter, than enclosed patio type settings. In terms of finding the right type of deck canopy for when you need shade, the selections are many. If you are looking for some type of shade structure, then these types of awnings for your patio or deck are perfect. There are styles that roll up, others fold out and can even be motorized for greater convenience.

If you’re interested in a really flexible style, opt for the Shade Tree brand of deck canopies. These particular styles are very flexible and attractive. What they consist of is a series of panels that can be opened or closed depending on your needs. It is a structure that is erected with tracks in which the panels are guided. Don’t worry, you don’t need any construction skills, this one is a matter of assembling with just a little bit of know how.

You might be considering something that is more ‘built-in’ like a pergola or the Australian type of shade sails. No doubt, these are great options. If you are looking for a more durable and ‘permanent’ patio structure, a pergola with awnings is a great choice. Of course, there is a Shade Tree model made of vinyl and has a pergola styling to it. Then, the shade sails are more fixed, without much flexibility, just another option. In fact, the sails are a hot trend and make for a great conversation piece in your patio, deck or garden space as well.

Determining what your needs really are in terms of function and manual versus motorized options is the key. This will help shade what your budget will look like for these awnings for home you are considering. For example, the pop up style or garden canopy can be in the $100-150 USD range. Compare this to a retractable patio awning that could be $1,500-2,500 USD or more. Then, the Shade Tree options which can range from the thousands to the several thousands of dollars. They do have financing options available, but in the end it comes down to what types of deck canopies will be best for your outdoor living needs.

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