The Advantages Of Lawn Vacuums

Posted on 12th December 2010 in Lawn Care

For homeowners, yard work is not only limited to planting flowers and mowing. A lot of energy and time must be dedicated to cleaning to maintain manicured lawns. Fortunately, whatever the size of your garden, one of the three styles of lawn vacuums will significantly decrease the amount of work needed to accomplish this task.

Not only vacuum cleaners are great for taking out fallen leaves, they are also great for collecting grass pileup excess after the weekly mowing and they make the time for spring cleanup of debris short. This makes them useful tools for yard work for all seasons, from spring to fall and eliminates the time-consuming, arduous work with using a rake.

If your lawn area is small, hand-held lawn vacuums are cheap way to lessen your workload and be easily stored when not in use. These are available in price from $50 to $100 and can be stored in the shed or garage on a hook. The hand-held models are certainly a good investment because they can easily reach narrow corners and can be utilized to clean flowerbeds. The push lawn sweeper is also used sometimes to help clear lawns but is not equipment to reach tight places and corners like vacuums.

Although the handheld model is more convenient to use than a rake, a big lawn may require a self-propelled model or a model that can be utilized with your lawn tractor. These models may cost from $500 for self-propelled to $1000 for models to be used with lawnmower. Although these models are more costly than the handheld models and require more space for storage, they are certainly useful to maintain a large lawn.

Choosing the right model of yard vacuum will depend on your budget and the size of your lawn. Take a few minutes online to look through the different models of vacuums available and compare their prices. Whatever model you choose, the first time you use it, you will surely wonder how you ever managed cleaning your yard without this great device.

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