The Correct Choice for Garden Mulch and Other Gardening Tips

Posted on 28th February 2012 in Lawn Care

Creating a garden requires a lot of work and dedication.  A big part of that is doing your homework and finding out exactly what techniques you need to apply to get the most out of your garden.  Choosing the right type of mulch and employing it effectively has been shown to increase yield in vegetable gardens by up to 30%.  If these large gains aren’t enough to sway you, the right type of mulch can also protect your garden from weeds and other problems.

If you’ve decided to mulch your garden then you’re already on the road to success.  The next step is to choose the material that you will use to protect the plants in your garden.  There are a number of different acceptable materials such as newspaper, plastic, or even wood chips.  The choice that you ultimately make also depends on your particular situation.  Newspaper is convenient and inexpensive, but it isn’t going to buy you any style points with the neighbors.  If you’re planting a vegetable garden that is out of the way and out of sight, newspaper may well be the most cost effective and easiest choice for you.

If however you’re looking to display your garden and maintain its stylistic integrity then you should probably opt for a more fashionable choice.  Wood chips look great in almost any kind of garden and are both effective and easy to lay.  The other benefit to using wood chips for mulch is that they do not create the same increased soil temperature problem that plastic does.  This is especially important if you are planning on using plants that are sensitive to extra heat and need lots of water.  Using black plastic as mulch for these kinds of plants can quickly end in disaster.

The one problem that you might run into with wood chips though is the extra cost.  If your garden is large, getting enough cedar wood chips to mulch the entire area may be out of your price range.  It’s  fine to compromise and use the wood chips for the more visible areas of your garden and cover the rest with another material.  Straw is another inexpensive option that is less intrusive to the environment compared to newspaper or plastic.

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right mulch, you can increase your produce with only a little extra effort.  It’s these kinds of gardening tips that can help to create the most beautiful gardens or plentiful amounts of produce. Learn more about seeding a lawn.

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