The Most Natural Element of Your Home is Your Water

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Participating in outdoor activities and respecting the environment go hand in hand.  When hiking, be sure to not step on the ant you look down and notice as you walk by him.  His life of picking up grass clippings and bringing them back to his ant hill means as much to him as your second born child does to you.

Also be sure to drive a Toyota Prius and only buy organic food that comes from a farm that does not use pesticides which could potentially destroy the environment.   Even the most indirect ways to protect the environment should be taken into account.  Making sure you choose to use cheese that comes from a farm that has well fed cows that disposes of their waste properly and efficiently is the best way to go.

Now bring this same philosophy to the indoors of your home in order to make it the most environmentally conscious you can and BOOM you now live in the outdoors but it never rains, snows, is windy or has any other undesirable trait which would make living unpleasant.  Except for the possible moisture build up from the ten foot tall water fall you installed in your living room that was built to one one hundredth the size of Niagra falls.  It really makes the room but all the water spraying everywhere does not help your cause so much with the ladies.

After a couple of years of having this waterfall spill water over the edge and a constant misting coating your walls, you realize you have a problem.  A smelly green substance has begun to run through your gorgeous waterfall causing your entire “green” living space to all of a sudden smell like the algae at the bottom of an unkempt fish tank. What could this unpleasant substance possibly be?

Keep It Au Natural

Well judging by the unique circumstances you have created in your home it could be many things but the only way to get rid of your problem is water remediation.  Water remediation is the process by which you remove unwanted chemicals and other gunk from the water in your home.  Trust me that one girl you have been seeing for the past couple of weeks who adores your environmentally conscious lifestyle will not remember that your mattress is biodegradable if your shower water is greener than the grass fields in the Teletubbies.

Having an overabundance of minerals and dirt in your water such as calcium or chlorine can leave hard water stains all over everything it touches as well.  This is the reason your dishes look as if a polar bear used them as a back scratcher.  Especially when you are trying to raise healthy kids in your home.  Always remember to do it for the kids.

By Brian Connor

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