The Practicality Of The Yard Vacuum

Posted on 8th December 2010 in Home & Garden

The yard vacuum is a very handy piece of equipment to maintain the cleanliness of one’s yard. Its main function is to suck up all the sticks, leaves, small bits of trash, and other debris away from the ground, leaving the grass and the soil clean. Considering the more traditional alternative or raking all the mess up, and taking a few hours to do it, having a good yard vacuum represents a huge upgrade in convenience and time.

This type of vacuum is being sold by many brands, but they often come in just three basic forms: the hand-held, push, and towed forms. For the hand-held type, it resembles a cordless leaf blower in configuration, only a bag is attached to store all the sticks and leaves. Meanwhile, the push type resembles the lawnmower in configuration, only it too has a bag for storing what it picks up. On the other hand, the tow vacuum is meant to be attached to a tractor, and has a heavy duty motor to suck up almost anything that is not rooted to the ground.

For the most part, the different variations of the yard vacuum differ in portability and power only, with some minor differences in features. For instance, the hand-held can easily be carried and pointed into hard to reach areas of the yard, while the push type is best for open spaces of the average lawn. For really big lawns with plenty of nooks and crannies, the tow vacuum (with its hose attachment) is the best choice for the job. The tow type is also best for shredding bigger leaves and chipping bigger sticks.

A yard vacuum should simply complement the yard space that it’s supposed to clean; small types for small yards, bigger types for big yards. But if cost is an issue, then with a little effort, the hand-held or the push type can be made to work just as well.

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