The Secret To Sowing Grass Seed

Posted on 12th January 2011 in Lawn Care

Before you know it, spring will be here and we will all escape the messy and cold winter we have been experiencing. It seems that most of the country has been holed up and hunkered down from the beating that Mother Nature has given us this winter. If you are an outdoor type person you are most likely miserable and long for the days you can get back outside and enjoy the warmth the sunshine brings.

I love to work in my yard and I’m really missing it right now. Even if I could get outside, I could not do the yard work I’d like to do because the ground is so frozen. Even though I cannot get out and get my hands dirty, I do have a certain sense of satisfaction that I am doing something good for my yard even though it’s covered in snow right now. It’s not too late for you to greatly help your yard also and I will share with you my little secret. I’m sowing grass seed right now even though I’m inside my warm house working on my computer.

What I do in the winter is closely watch the weather reports. I live in a state that doesn’t get a lot of snow and some years we do not get any snow at all. When snow is in the forecast, I take action. What I do is to go out and overseed my yard with grass seed before the snowstorm arrives. Snow is extremely rich in minerals from the air and it acts as an awesome fertilizer for your yard. If you spread the grass seed before the snow arrives, you will be amazed at the results when spring arrives and you start getting early glimpses of what your lawn will look like.

I learned this little trick a long time ago from an old man who used to run a landscape company. He was smarter than most and he had a lot of clients that would not use anyone else but him. I had a chance to speak to him one day and I asked him what was the secret to his business. He had so many clients, I assumed that he had a secret business idea. He shared with me his landscape and grass growing tip that I never forgot. He told me that he always watched the weather reports in the winter. When he saw they were calling for snow, he would send his crews out to his best clients yards and overseed them with grass seed for free. Most of his clients did not use him that much in the winter. He needed to give his guys some work. He found that this small investment and trick ensured that he almost never lost a client. The yards he did this too were the most beautiful yards in the area come spring time.

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