The Simple Art Of Good Lawn Care

Posted on 11th January 2011 in Lawn Care

A flawless and beautiful lawn is a work of art. The art of lawn care is an admirable talent, which many seek to develop. The most stunning lawns have green grass that is lush and thick. The best lawns are devoid of weeds and carefully sculpted. Developing the art of lawn care requires dedication and patience. To create a lush and beautiful lawn, start with the top five tips for lawn care.

The lawn mower is an essential tool; however, it is rarely properly maintained. The first tip is to sharpen the lawn mower blades in addition to performing an oil and air filter changes. Dull blades will create an unevenly cut lawn, which gives the impression that it is neglected.

Weeds are unsightly and diligence is required to keep a lawn free of weeds. Pull weeds before the weeds have the opportunity to seed and spread. Herbicides will help to kill weeds and prevent the weeds from spreading. When pulling weeds, it is imperative to pull them from the root.

Aerating the lawn is crucial. Spike aeration punctures the lawn, which will make it easier for nutrients and water to nourish the grass. Aeration will also reduce thatch, which is harmful to lawns. To control or remove thatch in the springtime, simply rake the lawn.

Fertilizer will nourish and help grass grow. However, the key is to fertilize lightly. Too much fertilizer will cause the grass to die and will encourage weed growth. A light dusting of fertilizer will produce healthy grass that is thick and lush.

The fall is the best time to seed problem areas. However, seeding problem areas in the springtime is effective. This will prevent problem patches from becoming unsightly in the summer months.

Creating a beautiful and healthy lawn requires commitment and is well worth the effort.

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