The Varied Styles and Types of Garden Vases

Posted on 8th February 2011 in Home & Garden

Anyone who believes that garden vases do not belong in a 21st Century garden should examine the recent “Home” catalogue from Restoration Hardware. It has devoted two entire pages to pictures of and information on zinc planters.

Each of those planters resembles garden containers found on English and Belgian estates in the 19th Century. Each of those containers was dipped in molten zinc. Any one of the zinc containers could be used to accent a patio or an entrance way.

The RH editors have let readers know that the zinc planters come in three different styles. Those pieces with the Selena style have a mythical like head engraved on the side. Those pieces with a paneled style have a square engraved on the side. Each of the footed plant holders has a zinc  base, in addition to the metal vase.

A backyard with such containers allows a visitor to stroll from garden to vase. Such a backyard could also contain an aquatic garden vase. It could have a classical style fountain, such as the one pictured in the same RH catalogue. That fountain resembles the sort of decoration found in a the square of an old European town.

The RH editors have made certain to distance the lovely fountain from an old square. They have put that fountain next to outdoor furniture from the present day Catalina Collection. On that same page one finds another group of  carved decorative items–a couple stone firepots.

Other elements of Europe are found in the pictures of the wooden plant holders. They were made from Northern European azobe wood and Norwegian timber. Their ability to shield plant roots has been demonstrated for centuries. Still, their impressive style makes them a fitting decoration for a 21st Century garden. Moreover, they match well with the nature of the surroundings, just as the zinc vases match with the associated garden decorations.

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