Three Types of Outdoor Landscape Lights You Can Add to Your Property

Posted on 15th November 2010 in Home & Garden

Installing outdoor garden lighting and outdoor landscape lights can really add to the overall look and beauty of your home.  If you’re having trouble figuring out some ways to add lights to your property, here are three different types of lighting that you can install and how to use it correctly.

The first type of lighting that you can install is area lighting.  Area lights will cast a soft glow on a large area.  The types of light that you can include here are lamps, lanterns, and even floodlights.  These garden light fixtures are best for decks, patios, and porches where you expect people to be gathering as well as any other area on your property that is highly trafficked.

Another type of light fixture that you can use is accent lighting.  Accent lights are soft lights that are used to draw attention to a certain fixture on your property.  They are probably the most popular type of landscape lighting.  Many different fixtures can be used as accent lights, but remember that the more of these you have the less effects you get from them so make sure to strike a balance between light and dark.

Finally, spotlights are another very popular type of landscape lighting.  These lights are used for many purposes, but they work best when you’re using them to light up one specific area, either for a task or for security lighting.  You should be able to find spotlights in many different shapes, sizes, and strengths so you’ll have one that fits your particular needs.

There are lots of different types of garden lighting and many different ways to use it.  However, some of the best types of lighting are accent lights, spot lights, and area lights.  If you use these lights correctly, you’ll have a great system in place outside of your home in no time.

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