Tips on how to Decorate the Living Room on a Small Budget

Posted on 24th October 2010 in Home & Garden

A small budget can sometimes be a hindrance when it comes to purchasing living room furniture and decorating the living room itself. Money is indeed a factor, but there are lots of ways in getting the best living room furniture and having the best living room without breaking the bank. Lift top coffee tables may cost a good amount of money but there are many ways of getting them cheap. You will just have to be wise and on the constant lookout for bargains.

Paint is one of the many items which can alter the look of a room without costing too much. It can be purchased at any hardware store at a low price. Paint is powerful tool when decorating the living room. Decide on a color scheme which you would like for the living room. If you have a small living room, do not go for dark colors. They can make the room look smaller than it really is. Remember to pick out a main color and two accent colors.

When you have colors picked out, go to thrift shops or yard sales. Most people are willing to part with their furniture for a fraction of the price, especially if they are no longer in use. One man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure. Secondhand or used pieces can easily be altered cheaply. For example, you can replace the knobs on drawers or repaint coffee tables. Old looking lamps can easily be updated with new lampshades. Look for fabrics or cushions which will tie up well with the main color and the accent colors.

Give your room its own personality and let your imagination and creative juices flow. However, you have to put thought to your decoration. Make sure that everything fits in with the theme.  A folding stackable bookcase can showcase accent pieces and house your precious collection of books too. Remember to decorate the walls too. You can hang picture frames or paintings. Framed old greeting cards will work just as well. Do not forget to add fresh flowers to your vase. Great style can be found at any budget.

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