Tips To Keep Your Lawn Green

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Having green grass year-round can be an impossible task for many people based on the type of climate conditions you deal with. With the right type of effort, green grass is possible for at least the summer months when you spend the majority of your free time playing outside or enjoying your yard. The right type of lawn care helps to improve the curb appeal of your home, which is important if you are planning to sell your home. However proper upkeep and maintenance of your lawn will show the pride you take in owning your own home. Here are some tips that can help to keep your lawn green:

  1. It is important to rent an aerator to provide much needed oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients to the lawn. Not only will the lawn get the nutrients it needs, aeration will also provide for better drainage, which can be beneficial in reducing runoff. Renting an aerator will cost you about $89 for 4-5 hours at some home improvement stores or you can contact a professional to come out and do the job for you. The cost of lawn aeration can vary but it usually costs about $45 –$60 a yard.  Plan to aerate the lawn in the spring and also in the fall yearly to provide the right type of nutrition to the soil year-round.
  2. Rake up all the dead lawn, leaves, sticks, and other things left on the lawn each spring. Then test your soil for pH levels, phosphorus, and nitrogen. The proper mixture of lawn fertilizer will help to create rich soil, helping the grass to grow properly and to provide the desired color of lawn you want. Using a lawn fertilizer with nitrogen will aid in making the grass greener. Some people prefer to make their own fertilizer at home using a cup of Ammonia and Epsom salt in a 5 gallon bucket of water. This method will work for some lawns but it may not respond for all lawns and climate conditions.
  3. Properly water your lawn. Every lawn has different types of requirements for proper watering and maintenance. Set the lawn timers to water at the same time each day in the early morning or late evening when the water is less likely to evaporate from the sun and heat. Typical recommendations for watering state that you need to water until the water penetrates at least 6 inches through the soil. This ensures that the seed of the grass is properly nourished with water. For high heat areas, it may be necessary to water more frequently however some cities may place restrictions on how often you are allowed to water based on drought conditions.
  4. If you water every other day, mow the lawn 1 day after watering it to help the lawn nourish itself properly. Change the mower setting up one notch to mow higher. This is a great way to protect the lawn from drying out, which is essential for areas that are dealing with drought. For the right maintenance of your lawn mower visit this site:
  5. For weedy grass, use additional grass seed that will grow thick grass. When you have thick grass it will aid in choking out the weeds and makes it easier to maintain a healthy looking lawn.

Proper lawn care doesn’t need to be a huge, painstaking job! With the right upkeep and maintenance, you can easily have a nice green lawn year-round or during the summer when you are able to truly enjoy it.

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