Using Garden Vases to Create a Rustic Garden

Posted on 6th March 2011 in Home & Garden

There are plenty of gardeners out there with a hankering to create a rustic garden look. That old and simple feel appeals to them. But they aren’t sure exactly how to go about it. What kind of materials do you need? Is one design method better than another? One way to get started on that type of garden is to utilize garden vases.

The key to creating the look and feel of a rustic landscape is to use mixing and matching to your advantage. The garden that calls itself rustic does not rely on any visible sense of order. In fact, you are going to have to embrace a bit of disorder! Start by collecting some garden urns and vases. Preferably they will be different sizes and made of different materials. If you can find one that’s a little weathered or a little chipped or even cracked, all the better. That’s going to be your hallmark rustic garden urn.

Set these containers at different spots throughout your garden space. Where a typical design plan might call for keeping them equidistant from one another, the rustic design says do whatever you want. Bunch them up in the middle. Line them up in the back. Ultimately, when your garden is busy enough, the urns are going to be just one more element.

Don’t plant the same plant in each vase. Put a sunflower in one, Morning Glories in another and then an herb bed in the next. Maybe one of them will have a dwarf birch tree rooted in it. Maybe one will be empty, or simply have a few tools jutting out of it. Remember, the less predictable, the better.

A rustic garden is not for everyone. If you need clearly-defined borders and flowers grouped together by genus, then don’t go rustic. But if you like that patchwork, old-time appearance then go for it. Garden vases and urns can help you do it!

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