Using Hose Menders to Prolong Garden Hose Life

Posted on 28th June 2011 in Gardening

If you use water hoses for hand watering or for an above-ground hose faucet sprinkler system, your garden watering hoses have probably seen better days. They may become easily damaged or ruptured from years of use or being run over by lawn equipment.

There are many reasons your water garden hoses stop working or break. There are many ways to protect your water hoses from weathering elements, garden equipment and old age.

To protect your garden hoses from breaking because of excessive bending at the hose faucet, you can use coil protectors to keep hoses straight. These metal coil hose protectors ensure that your garden water hoses will not kink or break due to bending.

If your watering hoses are already breaking or you think they are damaged beyond repair, consider using hose menders or hose repair parts. Water hose menders are made to connect to garden hoses so you do not have to replace hoses all the time.

Hose repair fittings come in many different sizes and materials for versatility in use. Whether you prefer to use PVC parts, high-impact plastic, brass, aluminum or a different durable material, there are many different hose menders from which to choose.

Water hose fittings come in different sizes as well. Depending on the size of your garden water hose, you may need 5/8 inch, ½ inch or even ¾ inch hose repair parts.

You may want a hose coupling with two different ends or just a hose fitting that has one threaded end. Threading comes in three different styles as well: female, male and hose thread.

There are different styles of hose menders that can make a big difference in your hose faucet watering. One style that is quite popular is the clincher mender.

Clincher menders allow you to clinch the hose repair fitting on tightly to ensure no more ruptures or bursts occur. Clamp menders operate in a similar manner.

Hose repair kits with clamps let you tighten the hose mender to secure the hose fitting tightly to the water garden hose. Clamping hose menders work well as do clincher hose menders.

Other hose repair kits have menders with screws that tighten around a garden water hose as well. These hose repair menders are ideal hose end products for prolonging the life of your watering hose.

For all your hose repair needs, use Orbit hose faucet watering products to ensure many years of dependable yard watering use. Hose end repair menders are great for making your garden hoses last longer and provide many more years of garden watering than if you chose to just replace them.

Keeping your water hoses maintained and working properly is important for saving money in your lawn watering.  It is easy to forget to properly maintain your garden hoses and let them get damaged or broken.

You can save a lot of money, though, if you are willing and remember to take the time to maintain your hose end products. Spend a little money now on hose repair parts and save money over time.

Before you purchase any hose repair kits or hose menders, be sure to measure the diameter of all of your garden hoses. You need to have the right size(s) of water hose menders to help your watering hoses work properly for longer periods of time.

Use Orbit hose repair kits to help you keep your garden water hoses maintained and longer lasting. Make your water garden hoses last for many more years with hose menders.

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