Using Mosquito Barrier to Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your House and Yard All Year Round

Posted on 28th November 2011 in Gardening

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard and house can be an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process. Trying to set up traps all over the house will get rid of some, but they will just keep coming back as these traps do virtually nothing to take care of their larvae or even to keep them away; mosquito traps actually attract even more mosquitoes most of the time. The trick to actually getting rid of mosquitoes in your house or on your porch is to keep them away from your lawn and areas surrounding your house, and the trick to doing this safely and effectively lies in a completely natural mosquito repellent that has become world renowned for its abilities.

Extensive research has been done on garlic and its ability to repel all sorts of mosquitoes, bugs and pests; Mosquito Barrier is a garlic-based mosquito repellent developed by Garlic Research Labs. Employing a special type of garlic that has been accredited towards being the most powerful garlic in the World, and the Mosquito Control Center in Kenya has named this repellent the single most effective garlic-based product to deal with mosquitoes. While all this may sound great, the fact of the matter is that this stuff will keep mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, grasshoppers and other insects far away from your home and yard for about a month with just one spray, and it is completely healthy for you, your family, your pets and your neighbors.

The powerful properties in garlic, especially when in liquid form, can be fatal to soft-bodied insects such as mosquitoes, and its potent smell keeps them very far away. You might be thinking that your whole house is going to stink like garlic, but the human nose can only smell the garlic for about five minutes after spraying your lawn. Fortunately, the ultra-sensitive smell sensors on mosquitoes are strong enough to continue smelling the deadly aroma for long after the smell is out of your nose and out of your thoughts. While spraying pesticides can be very dangerous for everyone in the area, they also wither your plants and usually won’t do much more than simply kill the mosquitoes the spray comes into direct contact with.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant or sitting water: this might be in an empty soda can, old tire, at the bottom of your trash can or anywhere else there might be a bit of liquid. If you have an open body of water in your backyard that does not include chlorine such as a small pond, you will have to deal with the larvae that are undoubtedly sitting in this water if you don’t want them to keep coming back. By mixing the Mosquito Barrier with the appropriate amount of canola oil and water, you can coat the top of any open body of water, effectively killing any larvae that might exist.

The most powerful and safe mosquito repellent on the market, Mosquito Barrier has been around for 20 years and is world-renowned for it’s repelling properties and long-lasting effects; the fact that one jug will usually last you the entire mosquito season only sweetens the deal. If you want to be sure, use the same product that owners of golf courses and baseball or football fields use every single year. You can even find Mosquito Barrier mentioned in tons of news articles involving political figures and important events. Remember: keeping mosquitoes, fleas and ticks out of your yard means that they will be out of your house and off your pets, and picking up a bottle is always better than waiting until your house is swarming with them in the summer.

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