What are White Grubs Doing In My Lawn?

Posted on 15th May 2011 in Pest control

White grubs are just like any other type of lawn grub, but as the name suggests, they are just white. They are also known as the scrab beetles larvae and grub worms in some other terms. Its body length is measured to be as long one inch when it is a full-grown one and below. They are laid by mother beetle six feet under the ground during late July or early august. The deepness of 6inches is just enough for the larvae to have sufficient oxygen when they are hatched and it is also a safe distance for them be protected from the harsh heat of the sun.

As soon as the larvae are hatched by early spring, they will be directed by their senses to the roots of the grasses that surround them. The grass roots serve as their early stage food or baby food. For the whole month of spring in which the flowers starts to blooms at their best, and also a season where grasses are greener, it is also the feeding time for white grubs in your lawn. Unfortunately, the feeding time is extended until the end of summer or until they are matured enough to be considered as a full-grown beetle of their type. These are also the times when the gardeners are starting to have some serious problems with their withering lawn grasses, because the white grubs in lawn from down under are consuming the grass roots.

However, there are also some early signs to watch out for when it comes to the detection of white grubs’ existence in your lawn. The first sign is the withering grass all over your lawn. The second sign, when the birds seem to love your lawn a lot due to the existence of white grubs in your lawn, and finally, when you see some small holes, which are just getting to be visible from every part of your lawn. Early detection of white grubs in your lawn is good, since you can respond to it accordingly before anything gets worse.

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