What Attachments Can I Add To My Whipper Snipper?

Posted on 4th August 2011 in Gardening

In this article we set out 5 of the most popular attachments that you can add onto your whipper snipper (also known as a line trimmer, strimmer, string trimmer or weed whacker).  You’ll need a relatively powerful motor to power some of them, so you’ll see attachments sold most often with fuel powered trimmers such as this Honda whipper snipper rather than electric models.

  1. Brush Blade Attachment – Normally made out of plastic or metal, this blade attachment will add considerable cutting power to your string trimmer.  You’ll no longer be limited to cutting thin patches of weed or grass but will be able to clear young saplings, thick brush and woody stems.  Make sure you follow all safety procedures very carefully as using a trimmer with a blade attachment in place of the standard string cutter is more dangerous.
  2. Pole Saw Attachment – At first glance, strapping a chain saw to the end of your whipper snipper may sound rather dangerous.  But in practice the saw that is used is relatively small and light weight.  Be sure you follow all the safety procedures though.
  3. Edger Attachment – An edger blade makes complicated, detailed or long edging jobs a breeze.  But you’ll generally only need this attachments for certain jobs – as for basic edging work all you need to do is adjust the exiting head on your whipper snipper to a vertical cutting potion.
  4. Blower Attachment – Yes your trimmer is not only for cutting tasks, it can also lend a hand when it comes to tidying up the mess afterward.  Simply strapping on a blower attachment will re-tool your trimmer into a handy blower.  The only thing you need now is a tarp.
  5. Hedge Trimmer And Cultivator Attachments – These two attachments are not as common as the ones we’ve already listed but if you don’t have dedicated tools for this, simple add them to your whipper snipper and they’ll add efficiency and speed to your gardening jobs.

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