What Is A Garden Lawn Roller?

Posted on 23rd May 2010 in lawn rollers

A garden lawn rolling tool consists of a hollow cylinder with an attached bar that either connects to a tractor or riding lawn mower or is used to roll it over the ground by hand.

What is a garden lawn roller used for?

A lawn roller is used to flatten or even out a lawn. It is also an important tool when putting in new sod or grass seeds, either for a complete lawn or to replace damaged or dead patches. Many professionally-maintained golf courses and athletic fields regularly aerated and smoothed by a lawn roller. A level grass turf mows more easily and uniformly, giving a nice crisp and even look to the lawn.

Are there different types of lawn rollers?

In general, rollers all look similar but have differences in size, weight and construction materials. They are typically made from steel or polyethylene, but can be made from concrete. Typically the drum of the smaller ones has an 18-inch diameter and the large ones are around 24 inches. The length varies from as short as 2 feet to around 6 feet. Filled with water (sand is another common filler and soil can be used as well), the smallest weigh about 200 pounds, but the larger ones weigh in at over 1000 pounds. Manual rollers are the smallest ones, which also include some that will convert to being pulled behind a lawn mower. A tractor is need to tow the larger sizes.

How to use a garden lawn roller?

Begin by following the instructions on how to properly fill and attach the roller. It is best to use the material recommended by the manufacturer. Water is a favorite since it is so easy to remove when you are done rolling. Always be sure to empty the barrel because it can be damaged if the contents freeze in there.

If it is a tow roller, tow the roller over the ground in long and straight rows, checking to make sure that everything is evening out. If you are just working on a few bumps or depressions in a lawn, it is best to use a hand roller with short strokes over the top. Particularly large bumps may need to be watered and then re-rolled. You can also dig around them to remove dirt to make the smoothing process work better in an established lawn. Holes can be filled in a similar way before rolling. After laying seed or sod, roll the new grass to create good connections between the soil and the seeds or roots to promote quicker growth and deeper roots.

Should I do it myself or hire a professional?

That is entirely up to you and your project. Garden lawn rollers are not hard to use, but if you do not have a tractor to pull one or it is a bigger job than you want to tackle, hiring a professional makes sense. Call around to get several estimates.

If you are interested in buying one, small hand rollers range in price from about $100-$130. The larger ones will be around $500 with the medium-sized, 3-4 foot range, from $200-$300. Renting a medium roller is about $20 for a day or $60 for a week. If you plan to use the soil roller a lot, purchasing one makes a lot of sense. Get a hand roller if you will mostly be doing touch-ups. Go for a larger one for bigger projects and if you already have the something to tow it with.

You may also be interested in a lawn aerator. or lawn aeration.

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