Why Buy Aerator Shoes or Sandals?

Posted on 3rd June 2009 in Aerator Shoes

In the last few years manufacturing designers have come a long way to increase the quality and aeration shoes and at the same time make them more affordable. Most aerating shoes have 1.5 to 2 inch spikes on the bottom.  They are easy to use when you are walking in the garden or mowing the lawn. Most aeration sandals or shoes Aerating spike shoes are easy to use and have universal straps to fit with almost any shoe size. If you frequently spend time in your lawn, they work great for the price!  Most people can easily slide them on like sandals when they mow or fertilize. Aerator shoes work best when you use them often on your lawn.

How do aerating shoes work?

These aerating shoes have spikes on the bottom underneath the soles. When you walk on them, they make small holes in the soil. These holes allow a more frequent exchange of water, air and nutrients with the grass roots.  Compare to expensive aerator rentals or time consuming hand aerators, aeration shoes can be one of the most affordable and comfortable ways to aerate your lawn. Another benefit of aerator sandals is that they break down compacted soils so that roots can develop. Root development, catalyzed by aeration, causes a self-sustaining change that will naturally soften and break down harder soils.

When looking for a good aerator shoe to buy, generally the more expensive one are better because they are made out of longer lasting materials. Also you want to buy them from a company that has been in business for a few years do you are buying a more advanced version of the product. Fewer nail spikes in the bottom of the shoe will allow you better penetration into the soil as the pounds per square inch may be greater.

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