Worm Composting Through Winter

Posted on 26th November 2011 in Gardening

Composting worms is a very useful activity that can bring in a great number of benefits. Through it you can an excellent source of organic fertilizer for you garden that is virtually inexhaustible. It can also be a good means of getting rid of the organic waste that your household produces, allowing you to contribute to the effort of saving the environment. One of the biggest problems that have to be tackled by those who try out worm composting is how to keep the process going even during the colder periods of the year. This is even a bigger problem in areas where the temperature regularly goes down the freezing point. At that kind of environment, the worms simply cannot go on feeding off the organic matter and breeding. So what can be done? Here are some simple ideas that you can try out:

The Right Conditions- Worms need the right kind of environment in order to go on with their composting. You need to keep them warm enough so they can continue with their normal biological process.

Insulation- The key to keeping the heat within the worm bin is to insulate it as much as possible.

Food Type- You need to choose the type of food that you are going to give to your worms. Do not give them types of food that they are going to have a hard time to break down. Give them blended food whenever possible. That is something that they can handle more easily.

Burying- One good way of keeping the heat within the worm bin is to bury half of it. The temperature is always a little higher underground than above it during winter conditions.

These are just some easy tips that you can follow so you can go on with your worm composting even during winter. You might want to check my other online articles with topics that range from silk wedding flowers to the right coffee maker for travellers.

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